01 November 2008

On your marks

Ok, here we go. 1700 words a day for the next 30 days. Ouch.

The plan: close study door, turn off phones, inhale deeply, close eyes, feel inspiration flow, flex fingers, start typing, lose self in story, create masterpiece.

The likely reality: close study door, check mobile for messages, check email/favourite websites and blogs, switch off internet, open new document, save document, switch internet back on, go through youtube/itunes to create suitable playlist, google images of gorgeous men for character inspiration, flex fingers, start typing, check wordcount, make coffee. Repeat last three until 1700 words done.

What's your plan?


Barbara said...

Yep, that's me too. Although this year I bought a Neo so I won't be on my laptop and won't be tempted by the internet.

The only bad thing is the Neo has a word count function. Will probably be checking that too much.

Good luck, today.



Lucy said...

Hi Barbara

Just done my first 1700 words! How are you doing?

I have a Neo too and will probably take it to a local cafe when the sight of the four walls of my little study gets too much.

I have a tendency to constantly edit (sometimes on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis!) which is really bad for finishing a novel. The Neo isn't great for editing and so you just HAVE to write new stuff!

Barbara said...

Hey, Lucy,

1200 words so far today, but I will still be working after I put the little ones to bed.

I am glad to know I am not the only one who can't stop editing. I am hoping the Neo will stop that as well.

Have a good night.


Rachael Johns said...

I'm a constant word count checker too!! And I really need to discipline myself with regards to the Internet!!

Lucy - are you gonna put a word metre up for your NaNo novel! Would love to hear a bit about it??