28 May 2009

I'm on Amazon

OMIGOD check this out. No image yet, but MY BOOK is available for pre-order on Amazon!!!

If that isn't a boost to crack on with the mess that is Book 2 I don't know what is. I'm slicing my way through it, have asked for an extension, and with any luck may even get some proper sleep soon....

26 May 2009

Thank you!

First of all, I'd like to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone for all your comments and support. You're all absolute stars.

Now that I've stopped wailing and tearing my hair out and have managed to drag myself off the funeral pyre that is Chapters 1-3, I'm getting stuck into the rewriting. And I'm actually quite enjoying it.

The editors were absolutely right, and most of their comments reflected what I'd already guessed. Basically my first three chapters fell into the trap of relying on sexual attraction cliches and didn't really identify the core conflicts of the characters. I'd also got too caught up in sparky banter and had kind of forgotten about motivations and consistent behaviour (which I think may well be the cause of the problems I've been having with a saggy middle). Oops.

The story now starts from a different point, the minor cocaine-themed subplot (which doesn't really fit in with 'fun sexy escapist read') is going to be replaced with anorexia-plus-a-fondness-for-appetite-suppressants-themed subplot, and I'm hoping the middle will turn out to be nice and toned.

Fingers crossed I've got it more right this time...

19 May 2009

Getting scared

Yikes, less than two weeks to go to my deadline, and I'm getting scared. So much to do. My heroine's character development shudders to a halt about half way through and my hero's conflict seems to be all about wanting to get the heroine into bed and having to unravel her resistance. This is clearly no good. I foresee sleepless nights ahead...

11 May 2009

Castles in the air

My hero and heroine spent the weekend here:

[image deleted]

I spent the weekend in Barcelona at the first of May's weddings. The bride was a friend from the days when I lived there, and the wedding itself was gorgeous from start to finish. I'm not sure my cava-assisted 'dancing' was quite as classy, but happily I can't remember too much about it, and luckily there doesn't seem to be any photographic evidence.

Thanks to my lovely little Samsung notebook I even managed to get quite a lot of writing and editing done. I've been mildly panicking that my story has too much external conflict and not enough internal, so this week I'm planning to pile on the torment.

With a deadline zooming in faster than Jenson Button in his very speedy car, and an aim to finish the book before the next wedding (in two weeks), I may disappear for a while...

06 May 2009

I love youtube

[image deleted]

My hero whisks my heroine off to Scotland in a Diamond Twinstar DA42. Now I've never seen one, let alone flown in one, but this morning, thanks to youtube, I've been to Biggin Hill Airport and have taken off and landed in this little plane so many times I can smell the jet fuel. And all without leaving my desk. Marvellous.

Don't you just love youtube?!

04 May 2009

Where did my words go?

May is a busy month. I have 2 weddings, language examining training, lots of marketing work and around 15000 words to write. All doable with a little planning.

Losing 1000 words overnight was not part of the plan. I'm convinced I saved the document before closing down my computer last night (am a bit fanatical about this) but they weren't there this morning. So where did they go??? Grrrr. Not a good start to the week.

Hope yours is going better!