11 November 2008

I am a flake

Have totally crumbled on the Nano front. I wasn't liking my characters or their story (although I think there might be something there), and then I received a 'get out of jail free' email from the editor at HMB with her comments on my chapter and a request for an update on progress. So I reckon that's a legitimate reason to put the Nano novel aside and go back to the previous story.

On the other hand, an artist friend of mine sometimes has four paintings on the go simultaneously. Is it possible to work on two novels at the same time? Do you, can you, do this?


Rachael Johns said...

Yay - someone updated their blog... was getting bored here!!

AM very jealous you've heard from your editor. I've got less than three weeks to baby and still haven't had my feedback on my chap!

Now... on your actual post... I reckon it's a perfect reason to switch stories. Afterall this is a major opportunity and you don't wanna waste a second of it.

Would love to hear a little about her comments :)


PS. Apparently Ally Blake often has two stories on the go at once! it's possible!

Lucy said...

So sorry, Rach - will endeavour to do better on the posting front, although I notice a certain someone, ahem, hasn't updated their blog for a while either!

Kim said in her email that my chapter and her (very lovely) comments were going to be up on the iheartspresents site in the next week or so. Am very nervous about it all...

You're bound to hear something soon, I'm sure, as they must be posting your chapter too!!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Lucy. I've crumbled on NaNo too. And hey, don't sweat your chapter and the comments on the blog. I was worried, but you know what, it was fine. :)

As for working on two books at once, I did indeed do this. But my other book was a military romantic suspense -- not quite the same thing as a Presents! :)

Rachael Johns said...

Geez that letter must have been inspiring... I note your word metre suddenly shooting up.

Can't wait to read your chapter - and as the eds said they were unanimous in their decision as you as winner, I'm sure everyone will love it :)

Lucy said...

Yours too, Rach - you're really powering ahead! My wordcount, I fear, is about to drop dramatically as I take my shears to my words...

And as I've given myself a totally insane deadline of before Christmas to hand in the full ms (which is why I'm at my computer at 6am), the other story will have to wait!

Lucy said...

Btw, just in case anyone was wondering, my wordcount didn't jump from 7000 to 30000 overnight (sadly) - I switched my wip wordcount widgets round.