16 May 2012

Getting gingerly back in the saddle

OK, so it's been *ahem* a little while since I took a look at my wip, but now that things are beginning to settle down a bit here and I seem to be getting a 3ish hr chunk of free time in the mornings, there's really no excuse not to get back to work. Which I really need to do because these revisions are not going to write themselves. Who knows, a few weeks away from the story might even give me fresh perspective. Here's hoping!

11 May 2012

Catching up

Goodness time flies when you're up to your neck in washing and nappies. So much so that it's sort of slipped me by that a) Say It with Diamonds is out in the US this month and b) an autographed bundle of all 4 of my books is available over at Brenda Novak's awesome annual online auction for diabetes research.

What will I forget next...?