23 December 2010

Carols and a sale

My attempts are rewriting a Christmas carol (or three) in the Presents style are up here. Spot the revisions displacement activity anyone??? Anyway, I got the revisions done and the book was accepted yesterday! This one has been tough, what with a certain little person arriving just before a total rewrite, so to say I'm relieved is a bit of an understatement. It'll be out in the UK in August 2011.

20 December 2010

A Presents Christmas carol

Over at iheartspresents some of the Harlequin Presents authors have rewritten favourite Christmas carols along Presents lines. I got just the teensiest bit carried away, and had a stab at three. All this week you can see our efforts, so head here to take a look.

I was one of the lucky few whose Christmas travel plans weren't scuppered by the snow, and flew to the UK on Saturday. Goodness, it's cold!

10 December 2010

It must be true, I read it in The Economist

Hmm. Well, after a nano-second of a break, I received further revisions, which is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. At the expense of:
1) Christmas present buying (current tally - 0)
2) Getting fresh air
3) Writing the next book (which was going rather well)
4) Blogging

So in the absence of anything interesting to report, I leave you with an article in The Economist on understanding why women find some men handsome and others hideous. There's a scientific study and everything, although personally I'd have thought it was kind of obvious.