30 September 2011

Rejoining the land of the living

The book is in (on time!!) which means that I can now catch up on all the many things that have been piling up: tax return, filing, cooking, washing... Or I could kick up my heels and browse the entries in the New Voices competition...

One thing that kept me going yesterday as I was speeding towards the finish line was the lovely review for my current Harlequin Presents release, The Crown Affair, over at Cataromance. Julie says

Lucy King is on top form with The Crown Affair! An addictive page-turner that brilliantly juxtaposes laugh-out loud humour with steamy sensuality and heart-tugging pathos, The Crown Affair is a lively contemporary romance with a lovely heroine you will love and a gorgeous hero you are sure to swoon over.

A sparkling tale of unexpected blessings, chance encounters and red-hot passion, The Crown Affair is another keeper by Lucy King!

The full review is here. Thank you, Julie!

28 September 2011

New Voices - free ebook

Goodness it's been a long time since I last blogged... My only excuse is that I've been hard at work trying to finish my wip in time for my deadline on Friday and haven't been doing much of anything apart from writing!

In the meantime, the Mills & Boon New Voices competition has launched and so far has a staggering 411 entries. I wish I could read them all (hmm, maybe after Friday...) but good luck to everyone who's entered or is planning to. It takes a lot of guts to put your work out there so congratulations to all entrants for taking that giant step.

And to help all aspiring authors, the fabulous editors at M&B have put together a free eBook with tips and hints galore (including a section from me about a good hero grovel!). You can download it from Amazon here (and at the iBook store by searching for secrets uncovered boon). It's also available in Adobe Digital Editions from the M&B website here.

Hope to be back soon!

02 September 2011

On Royalty

In celebration of the release of The Crown Affair in the US, I am over at iheartpresents today talking about royal romance. Pop over and tell me what you think!

01 September 2011

Out in the US

The Crown Affair is out in the US this month! Woohoo!