03 November 2008

They were robbed!

Well, the gorgeous gals of the RNA didn't win, but they did fabulously nevertheless (was it just me or did some of the Eggheads' questions seem much easier than the RNA's?).

My Nano wordcount today clocked in at a paltry 614 words. Hmm, not quite so fabulous. On the plus side, I did manage to write biogs for my hero and heroine and jot down a few plot ideas.

My favourite line so far?

What on earth had possessed her to grab a tray of canapes and circulate, hamming up a Spanish accent so bogus she was surprised more people hadn’t commented on it?

(Which gives you some idea of how truly awful the rest is.)


Barbara said...


Sketching out characters and plot ideas is progress. Sometimes I think that should be included as part of the word count. Keep plugging at it.

Yesterday's word count for me: 1552 words. Today is going to be a busy day for me, so I may not get as much done.


Lucy said...

You're doing great! Am very envious, as today so far I've done 0. But I haven't tried yet :)