25 November 2008

Editorial comments

My editor's post has been lassooed back from the depths of cyberspace.


Lorraine P said...

It must be nice to get such good editorial feedback :-)
I'm glad it's progressing well.

I look forward to following the whole process of your path to publication here on the blog!


Lucy said...

It is lovely, Lorraine, and as I edit it's making me study every action my characters make.

That essential question WHY? is in big letters on a postit stuck to my computer!

Lorraine P said...

Yes, those pesky character motivations...
It always seems so obvious until people come along and start asking questions ;-)

Rachael Johns said...

Just wanted to say Hi!! Read your comments VERY LATE as I had an EARLY BABY - Archie Edward Blair born November 25th!!

Congrats on the great comments - can't wait to follow the progress of your wip and publication!