20 September 2010

Grovelling Presents style

Ah, the grovel. The moment when the hero (and it's usually the hero, isn't it?) realises he's been a prat and has to beg the heroine's forgiveness. What's not to love about that?! I'm over at iheartpresents today with my ingredients for a good grovel - pop over and tell me yours!

16 September 2010

The agony and the ecstasy

Being a published writer, for me at least, is a bit like being on a hyperactive seesaw. One minute I'm plumbing the depths of despair, with a deadline racing towards me, convinced that I can't write and my work is rubbish, the next I'm packing a dress and snazzy shoes and heading to London to the hang out at the glam Association of Mills & Boon Authors lunch and an HMB drinks party on Friday. I know which end I prefer!!

09 September 2010

The stork cometh

No, no. Not me again. That really would be a medical miracle. Last night I became an auntie! Many congratulations to my brother (who I know reads this blog, although may not now have the time!), my sister-in-law and their brand new baby girl.

08 September 2010

Going global

Naturally having been away for 3 weeks there was quite a lot of undeliverable mail waiting for me at the post office. Including 3 boxes from Harlequin. Much excitement ensued because look what was inside!

06 September 2010


The Mills & Boon New Voices competition lauches... today! So exciting. Needless to say I'm a huge fan of these contests, which are such golden opportunities for aspiring authors. Unfortunately this particular one means huge distractions for moi. I mean, how tempting is it to keep sidling over and checking out the entries? I misplaced my will of steel years ago, so if anyone has a spare one, please wing it over, because I really need to focus on my revisions.

If you're entering, best of luck!

02 September 2010


I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. There really is no excuse, other than I've been having far too much fun on holiday in the UK. But we're back to Spain tomorrow - where hopefully the heat has eased off - and from then I seriously have to glue myself to my computer. Otherwise I have ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE of meeting my 16th Sept deadline. As I have two weeks to rewrite 25,000 words, am a little concerned about this...