25 June 2011


I'm off this weekend to the RWA conference. Soooo excited!! Can't believe I'm going to be footloose and fancy free in New York for a WHOLE WEEK. After spending the last week marking endless exam papers, it's like the best present evah.

But first, a school reunion in London this evening. It's been 21 years since we left and can't wait to catch up. Someone's set up a Facebook page and people have been posting school photos from the 80s. All I can say is, OMG the HAIR... The 80s was NOT a kind decade to hair. Thank heavens for Frizzeze!

Happy Weekends!!

(Apols for all the exclamations marks, but am just the tiniest bit excited, don't you know.)

16 June 2011

Scintillating Voltage

Bought: Damsel in Distress is out in Dutch. According to Google Zinderend van spanning translates as 'Scintillating Voltage'. Personally I think it sounds more like the name of a Bond villain.

09 June 2011


As a treat for totting up 2500 words so far this morning, I've been browsing images of the delectable John Barrowman. Some might call it gratuitous ogling, but I like to call it Essential Research.

So meet the hero of my current wip, Jack Taylor. Laid-back, charming and utterly irresistible. Even to my heroine, who's adamant she's through with laid-back, charming and utterly irresistible men. However as she's just had her wicked way with him in a hotel laundry cupboard, I don't know who she thinks she's kidding.

[image deleted]

07 June 2011


Here's the blurb for The Crown Affair!

Close encounters of the Royal kind!

After being made redundant and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Laura's decided it's time to take charge of her life! However, the last thing she expects is the new Laura to end up having wild, naked fun with the gorgeous guy next door…

Okay, she virtually runs away afterwards in shame—but so what? She soon gets a new job—on the Mediterranean island of Sassania, no less! But the island has a new king—aka Laura's guy-next-door! Now they're both in trouble, for King Matt should be focussing on affairs of the state, not be intent on re-igniting a hot affair of his own…

To find out what inspired the story or to read an extract, click here.

03 June 2011

New website!

Thanks to Liz Wilkinson at Bookwebs I have a fabulous (and much-needed) brand new website. It has reviews and extracts and much more besides so come on over and take a look...


I love love LOVE it, so many thanks, Liz!