24 October 2011

Cover love

I've just seen the cover for my next book, Say It with Diamonds, out in the UK in January, and am having serious cover love. (And even more serious gem envy - check out those rocks!)

Bella, the heroine, is a jeweller who meets the hero, Will, when he takes a sample of his family's jewellery collection to be valued. However, all is not as it seems...

As you can see instead of being released as a Riva, it's out as a Modern, but the story's still (I hope) Riva-ish in feel.

I have to say I loved writing this one!

22 October 2011


I'm having a lovely Saturday reading the second chapters of the 21 New Voices finalists. What an awesomely talented bunch - am gripped! I really don't envy the editors at M&B the task of having to whittle down the shortlist...

10 October 2011

Creating Characters

Creating the characters for my next story (the stage I'm currently at) is one of my favourite parts of the whole writing process.

I've realised that main reason I had such trouble with books 2 & 3 was that I was so eager to get writing, I didn't have a good grip on who my hero and heroine really were. I had no idea what motivated them or why they behaved the way they did and consequently fell into the schoolgirl error of trying to shoehorn them into the plot. With such dire intial results that both books had to be rethought and rewritten.

Now I hope I know a bit better. Which is why I spend days nailing down every tiny detail of their personalities, lives and backgrounds before launching in with the help of the character questionnaire in Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance and this: The Enneagram Made Easy. Both make me add facets to my characters that I'd never think of and help keep their behaviour consistent.

Following the personality types set out by the enneagram, my new heroine is an 8 (Asserter - direct, independent, upholder of just causes) and my hero a 5 (Observer - analytical, self-contained, calm in a crisis). As I can already see the sparks flying I can't wait to get started on their story!

How do you build your characters?