08 November 2008

NaNoWriMo progress

Well, week one's done and here's my wordcount to date.

Day 1 - 1706
Day 2 - 1627
Day 3 - 614
Day 4 - 1720
Day 5 - 1448
Day 6 - 0
Day 7 - 0

Hmm, something seems to be going awry. Can I use lots of work in the last couple of days as a defence? Maybe I should be doing a little less blogging and a little more writing...

How are you doing?


Rachael Johns said...

Don't worry Lucy... it's still totally possible!

I'm not NaNo-ing but am desperately trying to finish the current mss and like you, some days have been wordy and others slow! Am feeling positive... so am sure we'll both get there eventually!


Lucy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Rach! We will get there, I'm SURE of it.

And then when we're published and on our 50th novels we'll look back on this time with fond memories... Hahahahaha!!

Barbara said...

Rach is right. "It is still possible" is what I told myself this morning.

Yesterday was a bust. Only 340 words, but my little one threw up on me twice. I think that killed my creativity for the day.

Sat. -- 1213
Sun -- 1225
M -- 1552
T -- 1246
W -- Can't find a record of anyting. Maybe I didn't write on this day. Hmmm.
R -- 1856
F -- 340

Nada for today, but I am just starting.

Can I join you guys for the 50 book celebration?


Lucy said...

Of course you can join in the 50 book celebration, Barbara. What d'you reckon - 2015?!?!?

(And I can see how vomit might kill off creativity - poor you!)