31 October 2008


Is anyone signing up for this or even better, the eHarlequin version? Write a novel in a month? Piece of cake... Umm...

I scribbled down some very sketchy characters yesterday, but at the moment have no plot and only the vaguest of opening scenes. I get the feeling it's going to be a bit like speeding down the motorway having taken only a couple of driving lessons - utter madness!!


Rachael Johns said...

I did it last year and it was fabulous!! Good luck... I'll be sitting it out this year for many, many reasons.

BTW you heard on your mss from your editor yet??


Barbara said...


I am doing both this year for the first time. I am just now doing my character sketches.


Lucy said...

Rach - I can pretty much guess what'll happen: I'll write like a fury for a few days, and then run out of steam!

No news from my editor yet. Only 11 months left! What about you?

Barbara - good luck - maybe we can keep each other going!

Barbara said...

Absolutely, Lucy!

I think you know how to find me. ;-)

NaNoWriMo starts here in just one hour.


Rachael Johns said...

No... no feedback from the editor here either. Although Lucy has emailed me and promised to get back shortly. Guess I just have to remember that editors are busy people :)