22 November 2008

Thank you

Huge thank yous to everyone who's left comments here and on the iheartpresents site. Such encouragement and positivity makes writing the rest so much more doable.

See the wordcount creeping up? I'm hoping to write 5000 words this weekend, as have no plans except possibly having to go to Jerez's Third Annual Garlic Competition this afternoon. 500 ways with garlic. Who could resist?!

What are you doing this weekend?


Barbara said...

Hey, Lucy,

I'm writing. The deadline for the Golden Heart is Dec. 2 and I want to send my entries before Thanksgiving.

Hope you writing is going well.


Lucy said...

Good luck Barbara. You can do it!!

I wrote 2500 words yesterday but deleted 1500 different ones. Grrrrr.

Rachael Johns said...

Hey your word count's steaming ahead... don't worry about the deletions, am sure they made your work tighter!


PS. Bummer about your editor's comments being late on the site. I was DESPERATE to read them. I'm living through you at the moment... still waiting!

Lucy said...

I know - everyone must be getting thoroughly sick of me over at IHP!

Can't believe you still haven't heard - have you been in touch with your editor? By the time your entry and Felicity's and Jackie's are up the contest will have been almost as drawn out as the US election process!

Rachael Johns said...

Haha re the US election - totally, totally true!

I did have an email mid Oct making contact, but nothing since. I'm trying to be patient :)