24 July 2010

New Voices

On September 6th Mills & Boon are launching another contest! This is what they say:

In September 2010 we launch a global search for fresh writing talent to join Mills & Boon’s galaxy of romantic fiction stars.

A celebration of romance, New Voices will put entrants through their romantic fiction paces – and we want you to have your say every step of the way!

The winner of the competition will win some fantastic prizes, including publication of the winning entry by Mills & Boon and a Mills & Boon editor for a year!

Naturally I highly recommend entering these contests, although I'm quite glad all I had to do was send in Chapter 1 and a synopsis. Check out the details at www.romanceisnotdead.com. (Too right it isn't!)

23 July 2010

Spreading the love

Ooo, I'm spreading the love to Marilyn at Marilyn's Romance Reviews, who's reviewed Propositioned by the Billionaire, here.

At one point she says:
"Propositioned by the Billionaire by Lucy King was absolutely a magnificent love story and a very sensual and intense journey for Phoebe and Alex within weeks of meeting each other. It was one of those beautiful love stories once you began you had to finish it leaving you smiling one moment and crying the next."

It had me crying too, but probably not for the same reasons...

She adds:
"Propositioned by the Billionaire was such a sweet and wonderful love story ….simply amazing!"

What a star.

20 July 2010

Destined for greatness???

cataromance logo

I think I love Julie Bonello at Cataromance. She's just reviewed Propositioned by the Billionaire and given it 4.5 stars. The full review is here, but in the meantime here's a taster of what she thought:

Propositioned by the Billionaire is another first-rate contemporary romance from Lucy King! Sparkling with a bucket load of sassiness, freshness and feel-good charm, Lucy King’s second novel has a fabulous heroine, a delectable hero, wonderful dialogue, sizzling chemistry, red-hot love scenes and a believable and plausible conflict.

Fast-paced, sexy, poignant and deliciously enjoyable, Propositioned by the Billionaire will go down a treat with fans of Modern Heat the world over – and readers would do well to remember Lucy King’s name because she is a writer destined for greatness!

Oh my. While I think she might be a tad optimistic about my future, I need to go and have a lie down...

18 July 2010

7½ weeks

William, aged 7½ wks

14 July 2010

Minx interview

I'm the lucky author in the spotlight over at the fabulous Minxes of Romance blog today (met two of them at the RNA conference and they're lovely). You can check out the interview here.

RNA Conference

Have just about recovered from my dash to the RNA Conference in London. Despite my flight being delayed, I arrived just in the nick of time to pick up my trophy and to hear the fascinating discussion about the changes in romance over the 50 year lifetime of the RNA.

Then it was back to the accommodation for a speedy change before heading over for the Gala dinner for a fab night of catching up with friends, meeting new ones and chatting to my editor, before collapsing into bed for a few hours of sleep and then setting off for the airport again. Naturally I forgot to take my camera, but Kate Hardy and Lorraine Wilson took some fun pics.

A slightly crazy twenty-four hours, but well worth the effort. It was great to be surrounded by fellow writers and I wish I could have stayed longer. Not even my tortuous journey home - which featured a five-hour delay at Gatwick and an impromptu evacuation of the terminal - could eclipse the feeling of exhilaration!

06 July 2010

Fammi Volare

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Heidi Rice, I've just found out that Bought: Damsel in Distress is out in Italian, along with Heidi's Public Affair Secretly Expecting. My first ever foreign release. It's most exciting.

According to Google, the title 'Fammi Volare' translates as 'Fly Me' and the blurb goes like this:

'The strike by flight is perfect for preventing Emily Marchmont to attend the wedding of his ex, France.
Fortunately! It was not a good idea. But Emily does not know that his sister Anna had already thought of a way to remedy the inconvenience. Luke Harrison will, thus, to accompany her overseas on his private jet. After all, the trip could be interesting.

Ho-ho. But forget the fact that my heroine may or may not be a he and check out the gorgeous cover. Heidi's laid claim to the hunk, but she might have a fight on her hands...