18 June 2010

On the shelf

I've kind of lost track of time, what with being ensconced in babyland, but I think today's the day Propositioned by the Billionaire hits the shelves in the UK. It's also available on Amazon. Thrilling stuff.

Other non-baby-related recent excitements include my husband agreeing to hold the fort so I can go and pick up the Joan Hessayon trophy at the RNA conference in London. Hooray!! Anyone else going to be there?

In the meantime I really must get on with rewriting book 3...

02 June 2010


I've been absent for a bit because... little William finally arrived last Tuesday, weighing in at 3.4kg and 51cm. I think he's gorgeous but then I might be the teensiest bit biased.

And on top of that, my July release, Propositioned by the Billionaire, is now available on the Mills and Boon website. Hooray!