22 February 2012

Say It with Diamonds review

A lovely review for Say It with Diamonds is just what I need to push me to the finishing post of the wip.

Julie at Cataromance says (among other things):

Lucy King has become one of my go-to authors for red-hot romance sprinkled with class and sass! Emotionally satisfying, fast-paced, wonderfully written and absolutely impossible to put down, Say It with Diamonds is a spellbinding sizzler packed with heart, delicious humour and first class romance. Bella is a fantastic heroine who gives Carrie Bradshaw and Becky Bloomwood a run for their money with her quick wit, intelligence and candidness and Will was a gorgeous hero I simply adored.

Funny, emotional and riveting from beginning to end, Say It with Diamonds is another winner for Lucy King!

Check out the whole review here. All I can say is wow, and thank you, Julie!

17 February 2012

Progress report

Well, so far I've written 30k (useful) words of the book that is due in a couple of weeks (and thousands more of not so useful ones). 30k in a month is pretty good for me, if very unusual, and am hoping the next 20k come nice and fast. I rather feel I haven't been out for days and probably won't for quite a few more, but hey, who needs daylight?

14 February 2012

A poem to my valentine

My cheeks were red
My fingers were blue
Now they are not
And it's all thanks to you
(and the electric blanket you bought me yesterday x)

And a not-so-cold Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

08 February 2012


Oh dear. In my bid to lighten up the angst in my wip, I have the sneaky suspicion that I've simplified the hero's conflict so much that he now has none.

So far it's mainly revolved around him wanting to get the heroine into bed - something she's none too keen on. This has got me to 20k but is hardly going to sustain the story for the next 30k, especially since she's got over her resistance and has just succumbed to his irresistible charms.

Hmm. I think it's time to go back and see if there any conflict strands already there that I can deepen...

05 February 2012

An (in)efficient process

Well, I sent the partial of my book due at the end of Feb (*gulp*) to my ed last week, and have been ploughing away at the rest.

I wish my process was more efficient. The idea of being able to write a complete first draft in, say, a matter of weeks and then going back and editing would be my idea of perfection. However, I can't get too far ahead without having to make sure what I've already written works - over and over again. By the time the thing is done, I must end up writing twice as much as the final wordcount. This is hardly efficient, but it seems to be my process so there's probably little I can do about it (Or is there? Any advice most welcome.)

What I've discovered is that this way the beginning takes an age, but the rest gets steadily quicker. Or at least that's the theory I'm counting on to get the whole thing done by my deadline. Wish me luck...