16 November 2008

How scared?

The various elements of my 'Feel the Heat' entry are appearing on the iheartspresents this week: the chapter, the synopsis and editorial comments.

I have no idea in which order they'll be posted, if they'll be posted all together or individually or even when exactly they'll be posted. All I know is that I'm terrified and will probably be spending the week hiding under my desk.

I don't belong to a writing group and I don't have a critique partner. My writing has only ever been seen by NWS readers and the editors at Mills & Boon. This is the first time it'll be open to public scrutiny.

Please be gentle.


Rachael Johns said...

Lucy - I honestly think you're worrying about NOTHING! You WON!!! I for one will be checking first thing every morning (time diff) to see if the site's been updated over night. If so many editors loved your entry, I have faith everyone else will too!

So don't hide too long... I'm sure there'll be lots of lovely comments in response for you!

Lucy said...

I know, I know. Totally irrational.

Thank you for having faith!!

Amy said...

I don't mean to terrify you Lucy, but your synopsis is now up (I just posted it a second ago!): http://www.iheartpresents.com/2008/11/lucy-robertss-winning-synopsis/

Really, don't be scared! :) I've only ever seen positive comments and encouragement from the other aspiring writers and readers on IHP.

And just so you know -- first chapter will be up Wednesday, and editor's comments on Friday.

~Amy (I Heat Presents manager)

Barbara said...


You should not worry. You're synopsis is awesome! But, now I have to wait until Wednesday to read the first chapter.

And, even though I am in a critique group, none of them write category romance. And, I am still making the finals in contests. I just found out that my synopsis came in 2nd place in an American RWA contest!

We are all on our way to the 50th book, aren't we?


Lucy said...

Thanks, Amy. I may need a stiff G+T before heading over there, but you're right, everyone on IHP (and here, for that matter) is very positive and encouraging.

Hooray, Barbara, that's great news!!

Jackie said...

Lucy, just had to say, that I read your synopsis and it's great! You don't need to worry .

But I can honestly recommend having a CP (if you can bear it). I got Felicity (also a runner-up) and another CP of mine to check my revisions and they've been life savers.

So, if you need a friendly eye I'd be happy to help out!

Anyway, looking forward to your chapter. I suppose that means mine will be up at some stage too. Argh!


Suzanne said...

Your synopsis is brilliant. Can't wait to read the first chapter.

Lucy said...

Glad you liked it, Suzanne, and thanks for the offer, Jackie - might just take you up on it!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I understand the jitters, Lucy, but it'll be okay. :) Remember they picked YOU. There is a reason, and they don't make mistakes (contrary to what I said when I was the one on the hot seat). :)

Lucy said...

Thanks everyone! I know (in my head) that you're all right, and I'm even boring myself now with self-doubt so I'll shut up.