18 November 2008


It's here. Ugh. I'm not a fan of synopses and usually don't write them until after I've finished the novel. With this synopsis, I'd written three chapters by the contest deadline so the first part is more or less OK, but after about halfway it gets a bit tortured. What I really wanted to put was 'and then lots of things happen but I'm not sure what yet', but for some strange reason I didn't think that would impress the editors.

(And to any family members who may occasionally read this blog, you might want to think twice about clicking on the link!!)


Jackie said...

I do the same with synopses. I know the beginning but no idea how the ending will happen. Or the middle. In fact, I just have a beginning usually!

Anyway, if you want any feedback about your writing, do email me at jackiec@paradise.net.nz. Don't feel you have to, but it can be useful to get a second opinion. My CPs have given me some great advice about the revisions I had to do for my contest entry - so good 'cause I was tearing my hair out about how to do it.


Barbara said...

How funny is this? The contest where I placed was the MERWA Synopsis contest. Go figure. Now my CPs want me to review all of their synopses.

When I write mine, I have a good idea about the beginning and end. The middle? Nuttin. The middle is always the hardest for me.

Good luck on your sub. Jackie. I'm sure you will do great.


Lucy said...

Me too, Jackie. I start with only the vaguest of ideas and then hope.

Barbara - I bet you could make a fortune writing other people's synopses!