15 November 2010

The early bird...ends up exhausted

Lately my day has gone something like this:

5am. Wake up. Write.
7am. Feed baby.
7.30am. Put baby back to bed and write.
8.30am Give baby breakfast, get ready and go to library.
9.30am-2pm. Write until library closes for lunch.
2-4pm. Have lunch. Play with baby. Wait for library to reopen.
3-8pm. Head back to library and write until it closes.
9pm. Have supper, fall into bed and sleep like the dead until 5am when it all starts again.

But now the book is in. So tomorrow my day is going to look like this:

7am. Wake up and feed baby.
7.30am. Put baby and myself back to bed.
8.30am. Give baby breakfast, get ready and... hmm. Shop? Sleep? Read? Or make a start on the next book...?

03 November 2010

Awesome oarsmen

Ah, I've been a bad blogger lately. Sorry about that. Babies, deadlines, travelling, writing and working have kind of got in the way. However I couldn't resist sharing this...

As my husband, brother and cousin were rowers I've spent a lot of my time on various towpaths. Which, naturally, was a hardship, but I do feel it's important to be supportive, don't you???