23 September 2009


Well, the authors' lunch was fab. Needless to say I forgot to take my camera but I sat next to Kate Hardy and Sabrina Philips and had a whale of a time. I also saw my editor, who most excitingly wants to do lunch (although she might change her mind once she's read the ms I've just emailed).

Yes, that's right. Book Two has finally gone in. Woefully short and almost certainly coming back to me with more revisions, but frankly after working solidly on the thing for weeks and getting up at 4am for the past three days I'm just glad I don't have to look at it any more.

By way of celebration, I'm off to Oktoberfest tomorrow.

16 September 2009

A change is as good as a rest

I'm now in the UK for a few weeks, cat-sitting for my parents who are gallivanting round South America. This means that I won't now get my hands on my author copies until the book has hit and left the shelves. But never mind, at least I'll get to see it actually in the shops. Even better, being in the UK means that I can go to the Mills & Boon authors' lunch in London tomorrow!

01 September 2009

On sale!

My book is now for sale on the M&B site and I don't quite know if I can contain my excitement!