12 November 2008


I have to write 20,000 more words and perfect all 50,000 by Christmas. Totally self-imposed. Is it possible? Am I mad?


Barbara said...


You can do it. We'll be here to keep you going.

And, you are not crazy for dropping NaNo. You have an editor who wants something. Work on what the editor wants, absolutely!


Lucy said...

Thanks so much for the support, Barbara.

Am going to try and stop whinging and obsessing about word counts and crack on with the actual writing!

How are you getting on with Nano?

Barbara said...

Behind on NaNo, but I am going to keep going. I have been sick since Sunday, so it has made it hard to think let alone write.

I know how hard it is not to look at the word count. It's a crazy thing to do, but it seems like part of my habit.

Keep writing!


Lucy said...

Being sick is miserable. Hope you're feeling better soon, Barbara.