07 October 2008

Microphone eyes

Did anyone see this, the headlines from last night's BBC News at Ten?

Fast forward to about 35 seconds in and you'll see Gordon Brown making a speech. It only lasts for around 10 seconds but that was long enough to reduce me to fits of giggles. With hindsight, my amusement at his microphone eyes may have been exacerbated by the couple of glasses of wine I'd drunk.


Barbara said...

Hey, Lucy,

Just wanted to say congrats on winning the "Feel the Heat" competition. And, I know you don't know me, but if you need some help with blogs, blogging, etc., let me know.

I am writer working toward publication as well.

Again, congrats!

Barbara Burnham

Lucy said...

Heavens, yes please. Am rather stumbling around in the dark, but am having great fun working it out. Not to mention the fact that I've managed to persuade myself that it's not a displacement activity. Oh no indeed. It is a valuable marketing tool. Oh yes.

Barbara said...


I have to go pick up my little one, but feel free to e-mail through my blog. Just click on my name, go to my profile and click on "e-mail me."

I don't like putting my actual e-mail out there.

I live in the US and am a member of RWA.

Gotta go. Again, congrats! And, I will be happy to help however I can.


Patricia said...

Hi Lucy,

I wanted to congratulate you on winning the Feel The Heat Contest. I hope you'll have your HEA like Lynn.

I entered the Instant Seduction Contest obviously I didn't win but I did get a book published with another publisher afterwards and my IS entry has been requested by another editor.

wishing you all the success in the world.


Lucy said...

I have to say I've been completely bowled over by all the lovely comments that people have left here and on the IHP site, and the generosity/encouragement of the romance community in general. It's truly awe-inspiring!

Barbara said...


I realize I was probably a little forward in offering help. So, don't feel obligated to contact me.

You are going to be very busy over the next few weeks (actually the next year!). Just remember there will be alot of us wishing you the best.