19 October 2008


Yesterday I wrote a 1000 words of my WIP and drafted a post for the iheartspresents site.

My reward for this burst of wordy activity was going to be admiring Rafael Nadal's forehand and oogling his biceps in the final of the Madrid Masters this afternoon. But, rather unsportingly, he's out. So here's a picture of him and his biceps instead. All in the name of research of course...

[picture deleted]

Pretty impressive, don't you think?


Rachael Johns said...

Nice eye-candy! Sorry I don't know anything about photo legalities... but I've stolen net pics and put them on my blog! Oooh... perhaps I shouldn't be admitting this :)

Good on your 1000 words... my writing has been so slow this last week and it's downright depressing!


Lucy said...

Mmm, it's a great shame that Nadal feels the need to hide his thighs under baggy knee-length shorts.

Re the photo thing, I can't really imagine that anyone would take a legal interest in the pictures on my little blog, but you never know :)

Hope the writing goes well this week.

Barbara said...


Nice picture.

I don't think using the pictures is a problem. Usually, a site will tell you if you need permission. Plus, I think celebrities understand that there image will be used. The only problem would be if you decided to say something unpleasant about the person in the picture . . .

I used to teach nurses about copyright use, but that was for print publication.

Way to go on the 1000 words. I just figured out how to solve a plot glitch today, so I am happy.


Kristi said...

wtg, Lucy ... I'm new to your blog (found you through IheartPresents) but I'm enjoying looking around. :)

I think you're okay on the picture, btw, I see 'em all over the place. :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for the advice on pics.

Hi Kristi, thanks for dropping by - I only started blogging about three weeks ago - as you can see it's hardly War and Peace ;)