08 October 2008


I have a lot of IT gadgetry. Among other things, I have an Alphasmart and an eee pc, bought in the foolhardy hope that they would channel the muse, that fully-formed sentences and scenes would flow from my brain to my fingers to the page like the Thames beneath its bridges.

And how many words did I write yesterday? 67.

How many did I delete? About 400. I know that sometimes you have to take a step back in order to go forward, but I'm not entirely sure that a decreasing word count is the way to finish a book. So that's it, I'm going to take Lynn's advice, kick up my heels and wait until I hear from my editor.


Lori x said...

Congratulations on the comp win Lucy, well done.
You may only have written 67 words yeaterday - but that's 67 less to write today! (and 67 more than I did so your WIP is progressing quicker than mine!).

Barbara said...

Hey, Lucy,

67 words is better than none. I agree you should wait to hear from your editor.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Yep, you have no idea what she'll say and you may have to take the story in a new direction, so it's best to wait. My finished book doesn't resemble the synopsis that was on the site IN THE LEAST. Totally, totally different.

Who is your editor, btw?

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh, meant to say that you can email me anytime you want with questions, etc. :) It's on my website, so no qualms putting it here:

lynn at lynnrayeharris dot com.

India said...

Hello Lucy! I've just found your blog via the PHS (I'm working really hard, as you can tell...) and wanted to say congratulations on your fantastic news!

I so know the feeling of deleting more words than you write. Lovely friend and all-round writing guru Michelle Styles would say it's all part of the process, but I must admit I'm looking for a new process. Anyway-- hope the 67 words were good ones and good luck with the rest of the story!

Lucy said...

Lynn - my editor is Kimberley Young. I've met her before and she's lovely.

India - thank you, I love your books (have just read two of them) and your blog.

I'm not sure the 67 words were any good, but as I'm going to London tomorrow (I live in Spain) and then Berlin for work, I've decided to concentrate on packing instead! Too many clothes, too small a suitcase...

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh how nice you've met your editor! I met mine in SF, and I just love her. :)

Wow, you're in Spain. Looove Spain. :)