10 October 2008


In my non-writing life, I work for an online language learning company - teaching, training teachers and running marketing and promotional campaigns. The company's based in Switzerland, but the staff are scattered across the globe and we all work remotely via the internet.

It's not only a fab new way to learn a language but also a great excuse for the occasional 'business trip' to get together to discuss 'strategy'.

This afternoon I'm off to see the CEO et al in Berlin. So far the only strategy that's been mentioned is the best way to explore Berlin's nightlife. My kind of strategy.


Rachael Johns said...

Wow - what fabulous research for great Mod Heat settings and plots! My only research (in my day job) is changing nappies and watching kids tv!!

Lori x said...

I agree Racheal - what a wonderful place to do some novel research! I can't imagine jetting off abroad (in fact I don't even have a current passport) like you my research (!) consists of childrens telly - luckily we've outgrown the nappies stage!

Lori x


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Wow, now that sounds like an awesome job!! I loved living in Europe for the decade I did so, but my language skills never progressed as much as I'd like. Everyone spoke English and seemed a bit too impatient to wait for me to figure it out in their language. Ah well! :)

Reminds me of a joke:

What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual.

What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual.

What do you call someone who speaks only one language? American.

Barbara said...


That is a great job to have. I, like Rachael, have the watching kiddies job . . . and writing. I haven't been to Europe since I was in the military. I miss Germany.

Great joke, Lynn.

Barbara :-)

Lucy said...

Heehee, love the joke! I speak Spanish but no German, and it's scary how vulnerable you feel when you can't communicate!

Lucy said...

Barbara, did you ever go to Berlin? Amazing city...