16 January 2012

Keeping calm (sort of) and carrying on

The five months I gave myself to write this book has somehow dwindled to six weeks, and I now find myself in the scary position of having almost the entire story to complete before the end of Feb. Ok, so life has got in the way quite a bit recently, but really for weeks now working on this story has been like wading through treacle. I've written Chapter One more than a dozen times and every word has been excruciating.

So I'm starting again, which given how little there was to start with, isn't as painful as it could be (although it is wildly panic-inducing). My heroine's original conflict was seriously heavy going and depressing, and she kept wanting to make jokes and do things that she wouldn't have done if she'd been as tormented as I'd decided she was to be. My hero's baggage was so confused even he didn't know what it was. So I've had a rethink. I've simplified, decided to go easy on the angst and lightened things up. And what do you know, this morning I wrote 4,000 words and all three of us are enjoying ourselves a whole lot more.

Unfortunately I doubt this level of output will last, but at even half the rate I should make my Feb deadline. Any tips from all you speedsters out there would be much appreciated!


Sally Clements said...

Just keep writing, Lucy! I know that sounds trite, but I really believe if you give them their freedom, they're write the story. And then you can tweak it superfast when it's written.
You can do it!!

Lacey Devlin said...

There's nothing like a healthy dose of panic to bring out the speed writing. You can do it, Lucy!

Romy said...

Sorry I don't have any useful tips, Lucy, but I am sending you loads of good lukc and best wishes. You can do it!

Rachel M said...

As Karin (who I endlessly sigh over men troubles with) - a wonderful French lady who runs the lingerie shop here - says,

"oh Rachelle, ziz man I jusss met, he 'as so so much luggage. He is troubled. Ow much luggage can a girl put up wiz?"

Reckon that will help you out, non?

Lucy King said...

Sally and Lacey - you're so right. With the amount of panicking I've been doing lately the book should write itself in days.

Romy - thanks for the support.

Rachel M - luggage or baggage, at the moment it weighs a ton!