06 January 2009

Locks, props and three smoking fly-halfs

All these thoughts of rugby lead me to a Question of Global Importance. As The Observer asked way back in 2003 in the midst of world cup fever, who is rugby's hottest hunk?

Here's a selection... (No locks or props as pictures of them seem to involve bad hair and blood, and only three fly-halfs because I put 'fit rugby player' into Google Images and now have to go and have a lie down.)

Dan Carter
(according to E! Entertainment the 11th sexiest man in the world)

Danny Cipriani
(only 21...)

And, of course, Jonny Wilkinson
(now, unfortunately, retired)

[images deleted]


Jackie said...

Ah, Dan Carter... And he's Kiwi too! Might be tempted to write one - if I knew anything about rugby that is!

Lucy said...

I think my husband might have muttered 'traitor' when he saw that I'd posted a pic of an All Black...