27 January 2009


The revisions are due tomorrow and am head down, tweaking frantically. I've added 2000 words. Have I done it right? Is there now too much internal agonising? Too little? Is my heroine now too confrontational? Do my tweaks stick out like sore thumbs? Where's the gin?



Lynn Raye Harris said...

You'll be fine. Seriously. :) At this point, even if you feel like something is too obvious, it'll simply be a matter of tweaking it back a bit. Your editor will not let you fail. :) HTG.

Suzanne said...

Your book will be brilliant - have faith in yourself and your talent.


Jackie said...

Lynn and Suzanne are right, Lucy. Your book is sold. They will not change their minds. And your editor will tell you if you're a little off the mark.
Don't forget, you are your own worst critic and probably at this stage, you're too close to it. Send it off and feel proud of yourself!

Anyway, sending you some virtual gin too. You can send it back when I get my revisions and am ready to throw myself into the pit of despair. :-)

Lucy said...

Thank you, all. I know you're right. And I will stop whinging, I promise. I know that Kim will tell me if there's anything wrong - it's just that I want it to be perfect!

Jackie said...

You can whinge. We don't mind. :-)
Oh, and you do know that it will never be perfect right? Because when you're perfecting your own ms, it never is. Everyone else, however, your editor included, will think it's fantastic.