14 January 2009

Ay, que frio

'Ay, que frio!' is the lament here in Jerez at the moment. Annual average temperature of 17ºC, summer highs of 40ºC, but right now with yet another icy front heading our way it's apparently 7ºC outside.

No central heating + no insulation = internal temperature of considerably less than outside.

Even with my little electric heater I'm currently sporting furry boots, tights, thermal leggings, pyjama bottoms, yummie tummie, t-shirt, wool poloneck, polar fleece, cashmere shawl. A most attractive combination. What I really need is a pair of fingerless gloves to prevent frostbite and complete the overall baglady look.

I envy you guys in the southern hemisphere...


Jackie said...

Don't want to be smug or anything but it's been a very bright shiny day here in Auckland. Hot. I'm hanging around in a t-shirt and wishing we had a pool.
As I said, not wanting to be smug... :-)

Lorraine P said...

Still better than the Highlands Lucy! We've had temperatures as low as minus 10 and we have no heating in our old croft house! At least this winter we have an aga so there is one warm room but in the bedroom thermals, gloves and even hats are sometimes mandatory!!!
I am temporarily enjoying the central heating at my parents in law and going soft...

Suzanne said...

Am green with envy about Jackie's weather.

Don't know what minus it was here this morning (Central Belt - not as cold as Lorraine in the Highlands I'd imaine) but we had freezing fog. I had to spend 15 minutes defrosting the car - including having to scrape the inside of the windsceen.

Lorraine makes a great point - you should always wear a hat if you're cold (I've been spotted wearing my hood indoors and it makes all the difference).

Lucy said...

Brr, the UK sounds perishing. At least it's some consolation that in August we'll be having a lovely warm time while down under it'll be a whole different story (*laughs evilly*).

Thanks for the hat tip :)