21 January 2009


Welcome to my new home - which looks remarkably like the previous one!


Suzanne said...

Hi Lucy King,

A pseudonym, how exciting. I'll have to change your address on my blog list.

And it's great to see you back in blogland.


Jackie said...

Like the name, Lucy! It's a toughie choosing a pseudonym eh?

So, how's life proceeding after your news? Come back to earth yet? :-)

And when is your book out??

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Good for you, Lucy! By the time I got to the pseudonym question, I'd had waaaay too much internet presence and publicity as LRH. I have buyer's remorse every day, especially when my name gets spelled wrong. *sigh*

I like Lucy King! I think it's always good to keep your first name -- that way you won't ignore people when they call you by your pen name. :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for the welcome back! It's been a bit mad. Will post about it later.

Oh, for too much publicity!!!

King comes from my family tree (although I've subsequently realised was the former married name of my great great grandmother before she married my gg grandfather, so nothing to do with family!)

Anyway, easy to say and spell, unlike Arbuthnot, Anstruther or Mackenzie Stewart which were some of the other options.

No news on publication date yet - I guess I have to finish these revisions first!

Jackie said...

You want to try Vroegop - my husband's name. I did briefly toy with the idea of using it as a pseudonym, but...well...Lynn, if you have problems with yours, then Vroegop is going to be a nightmare.

Lorraine P said...

Hello Lucy King,

Looking forward to hearing all about it when you have time. :-)

Rachael Johns said...

Hey Lucy

Was wondering if you'd keep your real name... How's it feel having a joint personality now??

Anyway can't wait to hear more from Ms L King!!

Barbara said...

Great name, Lucy.

Have changed my blog to reflect this.

Let us know how the revisions are going. . .


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Jackie, LOL! That would definitely get spelled wrong (OTOH, it's unique). Lessee, my line edited mss came to me with Lynn Rae Harris on the cover page. There was my lovely title and my lovely ISBN -- and who is this Lynn Rae person? Did I freak? Oh yes.

Thankfully, my editor and agent are calmer people and told me to chill, it would be fine. :) Still, I worry (I'm a Virgo, so it seems to be par for the course).

I do still regret the name from time to time, like I said. But I'd spent about 3 years online building my presence, and then there were interviews, an article that went national, my Golden Heart final, etc. It was too much to give up, I felt.

But I do have a pseudonym picked out and the domain registered should I ever get lucky enough to sell my romantic suspenses too!

Lucy said...

Thank you all for updating your blogs with my new name!

Joint personality? Who me? And me?

Lynn, I can just imagine how infuriating that must have been. As if the road to publication isn't hard enough! Although Lucy Roberts isn't exactly the most complicated name on the planet, all sensible domain names had gone, which was one of the reasons for changing it.

(BTW, Jackie, how on earth do you pronounce Vroegop?)

Jackie said...

Vroegop is Dutch. It means 'early up'(which I am not). And you pronounce it...um...Vro-gop. The most interesting spelling of it I have seen is Uregob - which came on a bill for something or other.

Anyway, I like your name Lynn - it sounds really good. And yours too Lucy. The way a name sounds is important, which is why I'm not doing the Jackie Vroegop thing. Too many consonants for a start!

Aideen said...

Hi Lucy,

Huge congrats on your first sale. Loved your winning chapter and can't wait to see where you take them from there.
Ah, King. I was King for 25 years before marrying. And even though I took my husbands name I'm still referred to as 'the young one of the Kings'. Great choice.


Lucy said...

Thanks, Aideen. I think I'm going to like being Lucy King. Can invent a whole new persona...