14 February 2011

Jumping around

As it's Valentine's Day and the day of love and romance and wotnot, I've decided to skip over the next unwritten ten thousand words or so of my wip to write the last chapter, in which my hero and heroine get to deal with their hangups and fight for their HEA.

Or at least, that's the plan! I've never written in a non-linear way like this before, but having spent the last week editing and fixing the first half, I am feeling the need to create. Lots. Once I get going I can produce around a thousand words an hour, and while under no illusion that it will be any good when I go back and resume working my way towards it, at least the wordcount should rocket!

Does anyone else jump around when writing? And does anyone else find a soaring wordcount a major motivator?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Maya said...

Gosh yes! I do it all the time!!! My scenes tend to come to me fully formed and totally out of sync, so I'd most likely write a make up scene before the fight has even taken place, lol. I find it so much fun that way. Hope your jumping around reaps great results :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy V day and happy non-linear writing :-)

Lucy King said...

Don't know that the results were all that great, but you're right, Maya, it is fun and refreshing to tackle a different part of the story. Makes such a change from spending half an hour agonising the structure of one particular sentence.

Thanks, Lacey. Hope you had a good one.