22 February 2011

Feeling the Facebook lurve

I'm not the most regular Facebooker on the planet - frankly I struggle to find anything interesting (or even not that interesting!) to say. But lately I've been trying to embrace the wonders of Facebook and have actually managed to set up pages for my books. Go me.

Each book has its own page, with the blurb, ISBNs, cover pics and other stuff that I'll hopefully keep up to date. Pop on over and take a look!

Bought: Damsel in Distress
Propositioned by the Billionaire
The Crown Affair


Rachael Johns said...

Have just liked all three! Can't wait to read The Crown Affair!

Lucy King said...

You star! Apparently if they get 25 or more fans they get their own username. Too exciting for words...

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm very impressed. I still haven't managed to get my head around Facebook - or Twitter. Think I'm showing my age.