26 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

To all those in Oz, Happy Australia Day!

I'm celebrating by watching Nadal v. Murray in Melbourne. As it's 10am here I feel rather decadent, but am justifying it by being a quarter Australian and having a grandfather who was from Melbourne. Therefore I reckon I can take a quarter of the day (or a three-ish hour tennis match) as a holiday. Genius, or what???


Joanne Coles said...

Yep, quarter Aussie, that works :-)

Hope you enjoyed the tennis, short game, but at least he won.

Lacey Devlin said...

I agree! :)

Lucy King said...

Yes, too short. What a way to win/go out... Oh well, on to the semis!

.: Jade said...

I was born in Aus, but I guess I'm only 50% myself. Still had a big celebration bbq, though!

I just googled you after reading your first novel. I really enjoyed it, particularly the dialogue, really modern, fast and interesting. Thank you.

Lucy King said...

Hi Jade - I'm delighted you enjoyed it!