08 April 2009


The line edits are done and now I'm back to Alex and Phoebe. I interviewed them last week, but they kept answering with things like, 'Hah, that's for me to know and you to find out' which wasn't particularly helpful. I shall have to get tough.

But what has been spectacularly helpful is Dr Wicked's Write or Die (thanks to Julie Cohen for the tip). This fabulous widget makes you write or else something nasty happens. This morning I wrote 1200 words in 45 mins.


Rachael Johns said...

I saw this on Julie's site but have been too scared to try it yet! You have me intrigued though... just what can the site do to me that is horrendous enough to stop me procrastinating! I shall have to give it a shot :)

PS. Your characters sound as stubborn as mine!

Lucy King said...

I don't know what it does - I've managed to write the right number of words in the time (excuse me a moment while I polish my halo), but if you pause too long the screen turns red. And then I think it might emit a nasty noise of some description. There's a kamikaze version which I've been too scared to try.

Lucy King said...

And luckily it can't evaluate the quality of the words :)

Lorraine said...

Sounds scary but effective!

Perhaps you can threaten to kill Alex and Phoebe off in a hideous accident if they don't behave - you are their creator after all, they should be showing you more respect :-)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the link - it sounds like just what I need.

Good luck getting Alex and Phoebe to behave.

Jackie Ashenden said...

I've seen this but yes, scary! :-)

I'm with Lorraine re your characters Lucy. Get that whip out! You got them where they are today and you can take them down just as easily...etc, etc.

Lucy King said...

Maybe I could threaten them with a name change. That might be even worse than outright eliminiation. They'd have to live with horrible names for 50,000 words.

Michelle Styles said...

Threatening to fire your characters ofte n works.

Dr Wicked is okay. I thought it brill at first and then discovered that I kept taking wrong turns.

Writing with a timer also works.
Good luck