28 April 2009

Bio and interview

I have to send my first three chapters to my editor this week, so am just popping my head out of my cave to say that my author bio and interview have just gone up on the Mills & Boon Author Area page (here). Thrilling stuff!


Rachael Johns said...

Just read it!! Your hubby sounds like an absolute HERO!! What a great guy and soooooo creative!!!

Enjoy the cave... perhaps if I had a REAL deadline, I'd be more dedicated!!

Lorraine said...

Really enjoyed the interview, very funny. Who knew that rugby socks could be romantic? :-)
Cave dwelling seems to be compulsory when you cross over to the published side, does the austerity help? Personally I'd rather hole up in a nice hotel room, but perhaps that's showing a lack of dedication on my part ;-)

Jackie Ashenden said...

How exciting! I fail to finish cryptic crosswords too.:-) I also failed to finish The Fountainhead but chalk that up to being a precocious (or should I say, pretentious) teenager and reading it waaaay too young.

Loved your interview. Your hubby used to row? Oarsmens arms...Verrry nice!

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm a libran too. It comes in handy as an excuse when you can't make decisions doesn't it?

I love the sound of your husband especially the makeshift hot water bottle!

Good luck with the tango lessons when you get to them!

Lucy King said...

Glad you enjoyed my waffling!

My husband is indeed lovely, although not very romantic (eg he proposed while I was basting a chicken). I really had to rack my brains to come up with something.

Still, in addition to the rugby and the rowing, he also used to swim - butterfly - so has a real pair of M&B shoulders to match the arms. Which kind of makes up for the lack of romance :)

I really put The Fountainhead to counterbalance the chicklit. I also read it years ago and remember thinking it very deep and interesting. Probably wouldn't understand it now!

And as for being Libran - it's the bane of my life. Can't make a decision to save my life. It drives everyone else nuts.

My cave has fairy lights and scented candles and a chocolate fountain. I wish.

Joanne Cleary said...

What a great interview/bio. It was really fun to read. I, too, am a lover of rugby playing shoulders! Only 4 months until your book is available on M&B site -- you must be getting really excited now :-)

Rachael Johns said...

Four months??? Wowsers! Do you know when you'll have a cover?!

Lucy King said...

Four months!! I hadn't really thought about it :) Don't know about covers etc. Will ask. Am more concerned about the fact that I only have a month to finish Bk 2. How did that happen?