23 December 2008

Stocking fillers

5 things I'd quite like in my stocking (apart, obviously, from an end to war, hunger, disease, poverty etc)...

1. The Call
2. a device that transfers thoughts to text without the need to type
3. a chair that exercises the bottom while writing for stretches at a time
4. a building licence (for which we've been waiting 7 months)
5. James Purefoy or Rupert Penry-Jones or Toby Stephens (preferably all three... or is that just being greedy?)

Hmm, I don't think my stocking's going to be big enough. I need a duvet cover. Who or what would you like in yours?!?


Lorraine P said...

An email back from the competition would be great! Joanne posted on eharl. to say everyone should hear before Christmas which means today or tomorrow...
Yikes! Perhaps I'd rather remain in ignorance.

Oh and you'll have to fight me for Rupert Penry Jones, or we'll have to clone him ;-)
Failing that then Michael Weatherly would do :-)

Suzanne said...

Great list. If you can't be greedy at Christmas when can you be? I think a large lottery win would do me.

Have a great time :-)

PS have just read Lorraine P's comment - think I'd rather not know (have already had one outright rejection and a near miss this week, don't think my nerves can stand any more bad news).

Rachael Johns said...

Have a great Chrissy! And yay - I got a good pressie... I finally heard from the editor. Will update my blog about it shortly!

Justin Roberts said...

I think point 5 is a bit cheeky.


Mr Roberts

Lucy said...

Lorraine, I hope you hear soon and Suzanne, fingers crossed for the lottery and for positive news in 2009! Whoppee Rachael, and about time too!!

Awww, Justin sweetie, xxxxxx

Lollslynne said...

Re Point 1:

Panasonic IC Recorder, Model Number RR-US490 - it does speach to text!!

I'll try out mine and let you know how well it works..

Lauren! ;)