19 December 2008

Catching up

Now that I've finally delivered my manuscript, I'm planning to spend the weekend catching up with stuff that's lapsed over the last week or so. Seeing daylight. Breathing fresh air. Sleeping properly. Eating vegetables. That sort of thing.

There's a pile of Christmas cards to look at, shopping and washing to be done and a flat to decorate. But first, newspapers to read because it's Very Important to keep up with current affairs. So far I've found an article on Mills & Boon's new advertising campaign in the Guardian and a debate about men's chests in the Daily Mail. Very improving.


Barbara said...


Oh, my. You turned it in. Wow. I am sure the story is wonderful and we will see it pubbed soon.

And, thank you for posting the 'debate.' I personally prefer a hairy chest, but it also depends on the guy with the hairy chest. Hugh Jackman doesn't do it for me.


Jackie said...

Did you see the link to a Guardian blog about the new ad campaign? And the posts ridiculing romance writing. Grrrr. Mind you, there was one poster who told everyone to knock off the ridicule as "some of their more successful authoresses make a pile" and that "I have long considered....[writing] a Mills and Boon historical romance".
Ha! And naturally it would be so easy to be published too...

Lucy said...

I'm with you on the hairy chest, Barbara!

Jackie, I did see that link - have to say I tend to ignore the comments. I went to a party last weekend full of high-brow professionals, and when I let on what I was up to (after a glass or two of bubbly, I have to admit) people were really impressed. Not a sneer in sight.