21 December 2008

Decking the halls

In the past Christmas has been spent with my family in the UK or my in-laws in South Africa. This year my husband and I are staying in Spain and family is coming here.

Tomorrow I shall be decking the halls of a house we've rented in the Andalucian hills. It's about 30km from the Mediterranean coast and has views of Morocco. Unlike my uninsulated icebox of a flat, the cortijo also has a open fire and central heating. Bliss...

I'm off tomorrow in a car laden with a husband, a mother-in-law, fairy lights, a turkey and a rather alarming amount of alcohol. Can't wait!


Lorraine P said...

Hope you have a lovely Christmas. What's next on your writing agenda while you're waiting for your feedback?

Debs said...

That looks so beautiful, and warm!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Lucy said...

Thanks Debs, it is fabulously warm. Oh, the luxury!!

Lorraine, I was thinking I might take another look at the story I started for Nano. In fact I came up with a better opening chapter last night!