29 August 2012

What next?

The revisions are in for my latest book - hooray! Of course, the minute I hit send I figured it might well need an epilogue, but we'll see what my ed says. So now I'm thinking about what to write next. I have a few ideas for an M&B but also have something else brewing in the dim recesses of my mind.

A while back there was a first line thingy on Facebook. My entry went something like this:

'Of all the things Lady Miranda Turner was expecting to see on striding into the catering tent, the chef upside down in the vat of bouillabaisse was not one of them.'

I'm kind of intrigued to see where this could go and really really want to be able to write 'Hmm, things were looking a bit fishy.'


Caroline said...

....so if the man had been working for Customs and Excise instead of being a chef would he have been a VAT man? ;o) Caroline x

Lucy King said...

YES!! That's hilarious!!