01 August 2012

The Couple Behind the Headlines

Hmm, how did it get to be August so soon? Anyway, it is, and that means my latest M&B Modern, The Couple Behind the Headlines, is on sale on the M&B website, a whole month ahead of appearing on UK shelves. Woohoo!! Here's the blurb...

It-girl Imogen Christie has been getting up-close-and-personal with financial hotshot Jack Taylor. Think that’s wise, Miss Christie? We all know what happened to your last hook-up…he’s now engaged to your best friend!

Considering Jack’s history, it would be shocking if they lasted more than one night! But with the paparazzi spotting them all over London, the night before and the morning after, maybe Jack will have to add a new word to his vocabulary—'relationship'. Unless Imogen’s heart is in much more danger than she thinks...?

This one was such fun to write, not only because I adore the hero, Jack, but also because I got to catch up with Luke and Emily from my first book, Bought: Damsel in Distress. Brilliant!

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