14 July 2011


My RIVA copies of The Crown Affair have just arrived and they're absolutely gorgeous. To celebrate, I have TWO to give away.

All you have to do is leave a comment here, or drop me an email (info at lucykingbooks dot com), and on Saturday I'll pick a couple of names out of a hat.

In the meantime, here's a teaser...

What exactly was it about that penetrating stare of his that pinned her to the spot? Why were her insides going all squirmy and quivery? And more importantly why wasn’t she taking advantage of the fact that he’d released her, and running off just as fast as her size sevens would carry her?

That was what the old Laura, the one who avoided confrontation like the plague and never said no, would have done. And despite the assertiveness course she’d recently completed, there was enough of the old her still floating around to make her long to run and bury herself under her duvet.

But scarpering in the face of confrontation wasn’t an option any longer, was it? Laura squared her jaw. No. Now she dealt with stuff. Or at least that was the idea. Up until now she hadn’t had the opportunity to practise.

Channelling everything she could remember from the course, Laura took a deep breath, stuck her chin up and returned his glare. ‘What do you want now?’

Who do you work for?’ he snapped.

She blinked and inwardly flinched. ‘That’s none of your business.’

What?’ His eyebrows shot up.

Laura bristled. ‘Well, who do you think you are hauling me around and demanding to know who I work for?’ She tilted her head and shot him a defiant stare. Her tutor would be proud. ‘You know, your small talk skills leave a lot to be desired.’

Matt’s face tightened. ‘I’m not interested in small talk. Do you or do you not work for Celebrity magazine?’

Laura frowned. Maybe the mushrooms she’d eaten for breakfast had had a touch of the magic about them, because this conversation had her baffled. ‘Of course I don’t. Currently I don’t work for anyone.’

Freelance?’ he snapped.

Made redundant, but there was no way she was going into that. ‘On sabbatical.’

Right,’ he drawled, clearly not believing her for a second. ‘Then why were you watching me?’

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Lollslynne said...

oooh that teaser is great!! can't wait to read it!! :) hugs!

Summer said...

If the teaser's any indication, I'm really going to enjoy Laura and Matt. Looking forward to reading more.

Caroline said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to read it!!

Rachel M said...

Excellent! Looking forward to reading the full version!

ros said...

Oh, me, me! Free books are my favourite kind. *g*

Lucy King said...

My husband says he'll video me taking the names out of the hat. Such thrills in the King household...