08 July 2011

The Crown Affair

In all the excitement of the RWA, and what with not being sure what time of day it was let alone what month, I nearly forgot that my first Riva, The Crown Affair, is now available on the Mills & Boon website. A whole month before hitting the UK shelves! It features Matt, the reluctant ruler of a Mediterranean island kingdom, and Laura, a recently dumped and unexpectedly unemployed architect. What's supposed to be a one-night stand backfires when Laura gets a job working on Matt's island, and things end up getting a bit hot and steamy.

Click here to find out what inspired the story or to read an extract.


Lacey Devlin said...

Some serious cover love going on there. I love purple :-) Congrats on your first Riva, Lucy!

Lucy King said...

Thanks, Lacey. Just received my copies, and am pretty thrilled. The purple is mouth-watering! The hardback cover is gorgeous :)