23 May 2011

Cliché bingo

There's been a bit of a furore going on in Romanceland following the Daily Mail's bizarre account of the RNA Summer Party. I was there (to hand over the trophy to this year's very worthy winner, Charlotte Betts for her debut novel, The Apothecary's Daughter, and to catch up with friends) and have to say, along with everyone else who attended, there wasn't a blue rinse, support hose or perm in sight. Of course I can't actually back this up with photographic evidence as I forgot to take my camera, but there are lots of pics here and here.

The brilliant and insightful Julie Cohen and Nicola Cornick (to name but a few) have commented on the DM article, and the fabulous Kate Johnson has started a #thisiswhataromancenovelistlookslike campaign on Twitter where you can upload your own photo and even buy the t-shirt!

Personally, I'm so sick of these yawningly predictable articles that I've created a new game, cliché bingo. So far my list of clichés to look out for in any article about romantic fiction includes...

Barbara Cartland
bodice ripper/ripping
churn out

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.


Lacey Devlin said...

While you're handing out trophies... could I have one?

Am a wee jealous of confused DM journalist because she got to be there. Perhaps I could do next years article! I couldn't do any worse, right? =P

I love that there's a shirt. Thanks for the twitter link.

Lucy King said...

Of course, Lacey! Sending one cyber trophy your way...

I didn't see any DM journalist, although I did spot the photographer. You must come to the next party!!!