08 April 2011

The well refilled

Hello! I'm back from holiday in South Africa, feeling refreshed and revitalised and with ideas for a new story bouncing around my head. We had such a lovely time, just moseying around and hanging out with family. We even went to a bush wedding where a couple of rhinoceroses turned up as uninvited guests. (Hmmm, now there's an idea for a story...)

But what a lot's been going on in the world of writing in the last fortnight! First of all, many congratulations to the winners of the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Awards. Fantastic stuff. And even more congratulations to all the RITA nominees, especially fellow RIVA author, Kelly Hunter, whose fabulous Red-Hot Renegade is up for Best Contemporary Series Romance. Can't wait to see her (if there's any justice in the world) pick up the prize in New York!

Revisions for the story I sent in before going away have landed in my inbox - mercifully minor, which makes a change - and my August release, The Crown Affair, (sans cover at the mo) is available for pre-order on Amazon. So lots of good things to banish the post-holiday blues!!


Lacey Devlin said...

Welcome back Lucy and happy revising!

Romy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to South Africa! Please do let me know next time you're down this side of the world. We'd love to have you as a guest speaker at ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa).

I'll be reading your future books to see if the rhinos manage to make it into a story!

Lucy King said...

How lovely, Romy - next time I'm there, I'll definitely be in touch!