21 April 2011

iPlayer v. Revisions?

Despite the temptation to catch up on the crime dramas and murder mysteries that I missed while away (Waking the Dead's over? Oh no!), I've just hit send on my revisions for The Real Thing (my title for Bk 4). They weren't huge - mainly tweaking a motivation here and the emotional intensity there - but were still a little fiddly.

Fingers crossed I've nailed them!

(And even if I haven't, I deleted 53 out of 133 'just's, 9 'gave him/herself a quick shake's and 14 'pretty much's so am feeling very virtuous!)


Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on finishing your revisions Lucy!

Maisey said...

Virtuous indeed! ;)

Lucy King said...

Thanks, Lacey, it's v. nice to be able to relax over Easter :)

Maisey, am sure there are loads more that should go!