05 June 2009

Where am I?

On the rather unlikely off-chance that anyone's been wondering where I've got to, I just thought I'd pop by to say I'm in London. Not wallowing in rewrite despair and not contempleting running away and hiding (much). No, no. I'm marking EFL exam papers.

When I accepted the contract I thought I'd have Book 2 done and on the editor's desk. Hmm. Still, a change is as good as a rest, and am hoping that spending a week immersed in something totally different has given my writing muscles time to refresh. And after endless discussions about the acceptability of various spellings of the word 'Tuesday' and what exactly constitutes effective communication, I'm quite keen to get back to Phoebe and Alex.


Rachael Johns said...

I've been wondering where you are :)

Lorraine said...

Of course we missed you :-)

Nothing like boring other work to make you appreciate writing!

Lucy King said...

The really sad thing is that I actually quite like discussing the intricacies of English grammar. And call me juvenile, but it's quite entertaining when someone writes 'They started farting in the eighth century' instead of 'farming' ;)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Hahahaha! Lucy, that's very funny. Reminds me of marking law student research essays.
Glad to know you haven't pitched into the Slough of Despond or anything else. And yes, as Rach said, we were wondering where in the world was Lucy. :-)

Now, tell me, is there any other acceptable way of spelling Tuesday??

Felicity Roger said...

It sounds like the break away was exactly what the doctor ordered. When is your new deadline?

Lacey Devlin said...

I read "exam papers" and flinched but it sounds as though it's really more entertaining than I thought! Enjoy the break :)

Suzanne said...

I've also been wondering where you were.

Good that you're eager to get back to the WIP.