03 November 2010

Awesome oarsmen

Ah, I've been a bad blogger lately. Sorry about that. Babies, deadlines, travelling, writing and working have kind of got in the way. However I couldn't resist sharing this...

As my husband, brother and cousin were rowers I've spent a lot of my time on various towpaths. Which, naturally, was a hardship, but I do feel it's important to be supportive, don't you???


Anonymous said...

Hello Lucy

I agree it is very important to be supportive !! By the way I love your books Propositioned by the Billionaire was a masterpiece !! Keep up the amazing work !!

All the best


South Africa

Lucy King said...

Hi Desere

Thanks for your lovely (and supportive!) comment :) Delighted that you liked Propositioned by the Billionaire.

x Lucy