16 September 2010

The agony and the ecstasy

Being a published writer, for me at least, is a bit like being on a hyperactive seesaw. One minute I'm plumbing the depths of despair, with a deadline racing towards me, convinced that I can't write and my work is rubbish, the next I'm packing a dress and snazzy shoes and heading to London to the hang out at the glam Association of Mills & Boon Authors lunch and an HMB drinks party on Friday. I know which end I prefer!!


Lacey Devlin said...

Don't forget to pack me!

Rachael Johns said...

LOL Lacey! And me!
Hope that deadline is looking promising Lucy. How's the little man?

joanne pibworth said...

Me three -please come back and blog about it afterwards!

Hope you're finding your way with juggling writing with a new babe.


Maisey said...

Hi Lucy,

Just remember, you stood out over thousands of people looking to get published. Your work is anything but rubbish.

Have a great time!