14 July 2010

RNA Conference

Have just about recovered from my dash to the RNA Conference in London. Despite my flight being delayed, I arrived just in the nick of time to pick up my trophy and to hear the fascinating discussion about the changes in romance over the 50 year lifetime of the RNA.

Then it was back to the accommodation for a speedy change before heading over for the Gala dinner for a fab night of catching up with friends, meeting new ones and chatting to my editor, before collapsing into bed for a few hours of sleep and then setting off for the airport again. Naturally I forgot to take my camera, but Kate Hardy and Lorraine Wilson took some fun pics.

A slightly crazy twenty-four hours, but well worth the effort. It was great to be surrounded by fellow writers and I wish I could have stayed longer. Not even my tortuous journey home - which featured a five-hour delay at Gatwick and an impromptu evacuation of the terminal - could eclipse the feeling of exhilaration!


Lorraine said...

Hi Lucy, it was great to meet you. I've put what I hope you'll agree is a nice photo of you with your Minx interview!
For those who'd like to read Lucy's interview check out the Minxes of Romance blog today - http://minxesofromance.blogspot.com/

Lacey Devlin said...

It's a great pic and interview! How is the new bub going?

Lucy King said...

Lorraine, am kind of surprised you got a pic of me upright, and not having melted into a puddle in the heat!

Lacey, the babe is great. If he can stop wriggling long enough for me to take a decent photo, I'll post it!

Suzanne Jones said...

It's a gorgeous photo, Lorraine.

Can't wait to see a photo of the baby, Lucy.